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Rose Motor Supply, Inc.

Motor Supply has the parts you need on hand, and can provide a wide range of repairs and services. Local repair professionals choose us as their source for original automotive, industrial and agricultural parts. Our entire staff is well-trained and experienced, treating all our customers to professional service in a friendly atmosphere.

109 E Sherman, Hutchinson, KS 67501

(620) 669-5319

(620) 259-7290



Been doing business with Rose all my life they genuinely care about their customers, home grown store much much better than the Autozones and O'Reillys

I needed parts sent overnight, these people really helped me out. They had what I needed and made sure they got shipped fast. Their prices are good too.
Craig C.
I moved to Hutchinson in 1974, I found this place thanks to my brother-in-law. They have never failed to find the parts I needed or if not on hand ordered very quickly. I highly recommend them to anyone. If they find parts for my now classic by God, they know what,how and where to find parts I am a faithful bragging customer since 1974. Sure better to come to a place that knows what their talking about then some here in Hutch on fourth street that has given me wrong parts to many times.
Tyler J.

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